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Debut Album Release: Uranometria by The Shimmer Effect


“To kick off 2012 we are excited and proud to announce the release of the much anticipated debut album, Uranometria, by the eclectic South African (Sjanine Steyn) / Scottish (Stephen Mullarkey) electronic duo, The Shimmer Effect.

The extact style of the album is hard to pinpoint, with traces of trip-hop and idm coming through, but what stands out is that is a meticulously crafted album from start to finish, taking you on a sonic journey through valleys of deep moods and mountains teeming with hidden energy” – Bushmen Records



“The Shimmer Effect takes you on a fantastic journey into the unconsciousness with their first album ‘Uranometria‘. Loaded with atmospheric rhythmes, colourful yet haunting soundscapes, and an assortment of flavors, styles and feels, this genre-bending duo delivers what most say is a unique and successful international musical collaboration.” – The Shimmer Effect



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