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Independent Artist: Promote your Music

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Promote your Music

Music Xray is facilitating a more efficient, lower cost, and less risky A&R process. Our growing platform enables the industry to open the doors of opportunity to musicians and songwriters everywhere and to harness the most powerful tools ever built specifically for those who conduct A&R.

We help musicians and songwriters get deals and to get feedback from professionals who want to help them succeed. We help them access the gatekeepers in a way that makes it rewarding for both parties.

Music Xray helps you measure and predict a song’s or an act’s success potential and then helps fulfill that potential. Additionally, we match your songs to industry opportunities for free. Then, we give you direct access to the decision makers. Then, we GUARANTEE they listen and respond. No, seriously!

You get all of the above when you click here to sign up for free. Keep all your rights. Keep all your revenue on deals you get. No strings! No catches!

Artists and Songwriters

  • Free uploading and/or importing of all your original music.
  • Free matching of your songs to real industry opportunities.
  • A free focus group on your music – we will pay up to 25 respondents for feedback on your music.
  • A free $4 credit to get you started -enough for one submission to a major label.
  • Guaranteed response on every submission.
  • Guaranteed response time or your money back.

Music Xray has released a new song to opportunity (S2O)matching system and it’s free. Here’s how it works.

  1. You upload or import from other supported sites
  2. We analyze the acoustic properties and mathematical patterns in your music.
  3. We send you an email immediately and any time in the future an industry professional seeks music like yours.

Music industry professionals

Music Xray strives to be the absolute best provider of professional online tools to aid in music and talent discovery.

Music Xray is the largest online community of music industry professionals in the world and they all use our platform to conduct A&R and many also provide song critiques and career coaching. You get feedback on every submission and a guaranteed response time. Additionally, you can use our growing community of music fans to test market your music and find out what’s working and what’s not.

Discover your likely fans’ profiles to reduce risk and optimize your music promotion efforts.

100% free. Bring your A&R efforts into the 21st century.

  • Expose your submission opportunity to over 220,000 acts, songwriters and rights holders.
  • Reduce the amount of music you screen before finding what you’re seeking.

With our free Song to Opportunity (S2O) Matching service you can immediately attract song submissions with a specific sound and feel.

  • Harness 21st century technology to the benefit of your business and say goodbye to the herd of dinosaurs.
  • Safely receive unsolicited material and conduct hassle-free interactions with the submitters
  • Easily keep track of every submission and quickly return to songs & acts you like
  • Keep reading. There are many more reasons to conduct all of your A&R activities on Music Xray. There’s just no better way
  • Oh… and Music Xray never gets involved in deals between artists and industry professionals. Your deals are your deals.

Use state-of-the-art A&R technologies to:

  • Find great songs and top artists faster
  • Leverage the A&R expertise of other professional users on the platform (Collective A&R)
  • See metrics and stats on every artist who submits music to you
  • Offset screening costs by choosing whether or not to charge a submission fee
  • Automatically divert any portion of fees to various charities Music Xray is used by major labels, independent labels, license agencies, radio stations, advertising agencies, managers, promoters and even music bloggers who take submissions from artists vying to have their music featured. Each of these music industry professionals (MIPs) has access to a state-of-the-art dashboard specifically designed to receive, manage and filter music submissions with tools to more quickly identify the appropriate song or act for each opportunity.

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