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Artist Spotlight: SWEETLINE

Damon William is an independent artist/producer aka ‘Sweetline‘ and hails from Vancouver, BC, CA. Born on the road to a singer/songwriter and an Atlantic /Capitol recording artist father, music classes for him began at an early age with formal piano and violin training. After discovering the electronic music scene, he started home production in `87 … Continue reading

Submissions Now Open for the 2013 IMEA Awards

2013 International Music and Entertainment Association Awards The International Music and Entertainment Association, Inc. is proud to announce that submissions are now open for the 2013 IMEA Awards. Submissions are open to any artist, band, duo, instrumentalist, or group. Individuals or Organizations are not required to be members of the International Music and Entertainment Association, … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Mr.Spookz

“Mr.Spookz, the artistic name of Srdja’n Rus, is a Serbian musician, composer and poet. His music style mixes elements of Eastern and Western traditional music culture with modern rhythms and bass lines. Psychedelic atmosphere in his songs takes the listener on a wonderful journey, refreshes and excites the senses and brings peace and tranquillity. As a … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: SKySWiM

SKySWiM is the music of Latvian-American Arnie Stanton (Arnolds Skrimblis) and presents an eclectic musical blend of classical, electronic, rock, jazz and other styles straight out of Los Angeles. Because of his wide musical background of training and listening, he tends not to hammer too long on one particular sound, mood or feel. Arnie creates music … Continue reading

NEW RELEASE: Forgotten Kingdom by Ryo Utasato

“You will be spirited away by Ryo’s unique combination of experimental sounds and rhythms which flow in a beautifully organic way. Ryo claimed herself to be “on a journey through the universe” as she composed these tracks which can be described as what she calls, “ambient glitch.” The goal of the album was for Ryo … Continue reading

Royalty Free Stock Audio Update: Breaking News Logo

New item added to the library An uptempo electronic music clip that can be used as a logo/ident or as background music for your website, flash and video projects and presentations as well as radio and television inserts like the news for example. Listen to/Purchase ‘Breaking News Logo‘ Regular License: $6 ; Extended License: $30 … Continue reading


Don’t Let Your Art Be Exploited! Play The Music You Want To Play – Put The Words You Want Over It Participate in the development of the future of music; where talent and creativity overshadow perceived marketability. The Anti-Nonsense Networking Community is compromised of self-recorded, independent and underground musicians who don’t believe in compromising their art … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Zixel’s Deep Space Orchestra

“ZDSO is space music. Not just spacey sounding music, but also conceptually and intentionally so. Zixel’s Deep Space Orchestra is a conceptual music project under the Transcorps Sound banner conceived by Transcendental Desecration’s members Gideon Trillian and Maggy Mjolnir. Every track is intended to be experienced within the context of the full album it is part of. Each … Continue reading

New Release: ANN Winter 2012/2013 Compilation

  The ANN Winter 2012/2013 Compilation  featuring all of the amazingly talented artists of the Anti-Nonsense Networking Family is officially released Free Download Vol.1 http://antipoliticalnonsensebuffer.bandcamp.com/album/ann-winter-2012-2013-compilation-vol-1 Free Download Vol. 2 http://antipoliticalnonsensebuffer.bandcamp.com/album/ann-winter-2012-2013-compilation-vol-2 Donations are greatly appreciated, and can be made here along with the the players and links to all of the previous compilations: http://antipoliticalnonsensebuffer.webs.com/anncompilations.htm Stream it … Continue reading

Rybird Radio

Commercial free Rybird Radio streams ambient, chill-out electronica and electronic rock music from many fine independent music artists around the globe, 24 hours a day! The Shimmer Effect just got added to the playlist. Read more about TSE on Rybird Radio.


PLB Music

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